Permits and Forms

Please be aware that it can take 15 business days to process a permit. Please schedule your construction with that in mind. Submitting all requested information with the original application helps ensure the quickest processing of your permit.

Note:  any disturbance of over 5000 sq. foot of earth or a building footprint of 1000 Sq. foot requires a stormwater application submittal for building permit approval.

Alarm System Notification Form

Building Permit – for additions, alterations, new homes

Burning Permit

Complaint Form

Contractor License Registration

Deck & Patio Permit Without Roof

Driveway Permit

Electrical permit

Fence Zoning Permit

Grading Permit

Haulers Approved List

Haulers Registration

Hearing Application – Supervisors, Zoning

Home Occupation Application

Mechanical Permit

On-Lot Septic Pumping Inspection Report

Plumbing Application

Re-Roof Permit

Rental Registration Form

Right To Know Request Form

Right To Know Policy

Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO) Application

Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO) Waiver

Sign Permit

Stormwater Application

Swimming Pool/Hot Tub Permit

Use & Occupancy Permit For Existing Structures

Use & Occupancy Permit For Residential Resale

Utility Building Zoning Permit

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