Please be aware that it can take 15 business days to process a permit.

Please schedule your construction with that in mind. 

Submitting all requested information with the original application helps

ensure the quickest processing of your permit.

Affidavit for U&O Single/Two Family Dwellings

Burning Permit

Building Permit - for additions, alterations, new homes

Note:  any disturbance of over 5000 sq. foot of earth or a building footprint of 1000 Sq. foot requires a stormwater application submittal for building permit approval.

Complaint Form

Contractor's Registration

Deck & Patio without Roof

Electrical permit

Fence Permit

Grading Permit

Hearing Application - Supervisors, Zoning

Home Occupation Application

Mechanical Permit

On-Lot Septic Inspection Report

Plumbing Application

Re-Roof Permit

Registered Haulers

Rental Registration Form

SALDO Application

Sign Permit

Stormwater Application which is required for:

impervious surface creation of 1000+ Sq. feet and

 earth disturbance of 5000+ Sq. feet.

Swimming Pool/Hot Tub

Use and Occupancy - Residential Resale for 3 or more units

Utility Buildings up to 100 Sq.ft.

Zoning Map


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