Sewer Treatment Plant Update

11/7/18:  Environmental Acoustics, (Division of Gannett Fleming) has been contacted to further investigate the ongoing noise disturbance at the Lower Frederick Waste Water Treatment Plant.  They are preparing an outline of a recommended study to be completed by collecting sound data from the surrounding properties in order to determine a solution for abating the sound emanating from the WWTP.  Once the data is collected, a summary report will be generated outlining the findings, providing decibel readings at the various locations, and providing potential options identified as a result of the data collection.  They anticipate an outline and proposal to be delivered to the Township in the next week.

10/11/18:  In an effort to keep citizens of the Township current with events regarding the Waste Water Treatment Plant, please be aware that as of today insulation blankets (covers) have been installed on the three silencers which cover the air intake blowers at the plant.