Park and Recreation

Sciota Creek

Katie Lewis
Robin McGovern, 

Noah Phillips
Shivani Quinn
Greg Reich, Secretary
Pam Reich,

The Park Board meets on the first Monday of the month at 7pm.


 * Parks & Recreation Board Meeting Minutes
 * The Lower Frederick Township Open Space Plan, 2006
Tree Donation Program

The Lower Frederick Township Park and Recreation Board provides for the planning, maintenance and regulation of parks and recreation areas within the Township to provide leisure opportunities for residents of all ages.  The township is proud to offer a wide variety of dedicated park facilities where residents can play, explore nature, relax at family picnics and exercise their dogs.  In addition, the board strives to retain undeveloped land located within villages such as Spring Mount to be used as pocket parks for the community and, in some cases, to preserve pristine green space parcels in their natural state for future generations (Goshen Road Preserve).

Lower Frederick Township owns approximately 87 acres of permanently protected lands dedicated as parks and open spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy.  A list of Township parks appears below.  Click on each link to see the location, description and pictures of that park and the amenities available there for your enjoyment.

Cedar Hill Open Space

Cedar Hill Tot Lot and Recreation Area

Coble Park

Colonial Park

Cuddy Park

CVS Park

Foy Park

Goshen Road Natural Preserve

Memorial Park

Second Street Park


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