Sewer Department

Sewer Certification Form

Sewer Billing

Public sewer accounts serviced by Lower Frederick Township are billed $200 per Quarter/EDU.

Statements are mailed to residents quarterly on the following schedule.

Mailed: First week in January for sewer usage October, November, December.
Payment is due: January 31st

Mailed: First week in April – for sewer usage January, February, March
Payment is due: April 30th

Mailed: First week in July – for sewer usage April, May, June
Payment is due: July 31st

Mailed: First week in October – for sewer usage July, August, September
Payment is due: October 31st

You may pay your sewer bill via cash, check, or online with a credit card or e-check (a convenience fee is added when paying online). You may also set up bill pay through your bank to automatically send a check to us on a quarterly basis – please check with your bank about this option. We cannot accept credit card payments at the Township Building.

Payment is due at the Township Office by 4:30 on the DUE DATE. Please allow 7-10 days for your payment to be received by mail.  Accounts not paid by the Due Date are subject to a 10% penalty.


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ON-LOT Sewage System
On-Lot Septic Pumping & Inspection Report
Do you have an on-lot system?
The Township requires proof of pumping & inspection every 3 years.
*If you are selling your home, pumping & inspection needs to be compliant*
Send reports to:
Montgomery County Sewage Planning
The Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act #537 requires residents planning to construct or modify an on-lot sewage disposal system to obtain a permit from
the Montgomery County Health Department (MCHD).