Agricultural Security Area Advisory Committee

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ASA Advisory Committee Agendas
Agricultural Security Area Map

LFT Agricultural Security Area

In 2018 the LFT Board of Supervisors adopted Resolution No. 2018-21 creating an Agricultural Security Area. The acreage enrolled in Lower Frederick’s Agricultural Security Area is over 720 acres. Click HERE  (the map isn’t complete yet) to see the map of ASA properties in LFT.

The benefits to landowners in an ASA are as follows.

  • Farmland in ASAs are eligible for agricultural conservation easement programs (see Montgomery County Farmland Preservation website for more information).
  • Local governments are not to enact ordinances that would unreasonably restrict normal farming practices or structures.
  • Consistent with the Right to Farm Act, the ASA protects farmers from nuisance complaints associated with normal agricultural activities.
  • Use of eminent domain to condemn farmland within the ASA is restricted.

See the entire PA ASA Act 43 Code and PA ASA Handbook at the following sites: PA Act 43 Code and PA Agricultural Security Area Handbook

To apply for ASA designation, contact the Township Manager at 610-287-8857 or


For information on the Farmland Preservation Program, contact Anne Leavitt-Gruberger, Montgomery County Farmland Preservation Administrator
at 610-278-3727 or click here to visit the Montgomery County Farmland Preservation website.