Open Space Committee

The Open Space Committee meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Township Building.

In November 2020, Lower Frederick voters approved by referendum the creation of a fund to help preserve the township’s open space land. In February 2021, the Lower Frederick Township Board of Supervisors passed two resolutions: Resolution 2021R-12, establishing and appointing an open space committee for the purpose of making recommendations to the Board regarding the purchase of land for open space purposes; and Resolution 2021R-13, establishing procedures for reviewing open space property interests for acquisition by the township. The Board of Supervisors invited township residents interested in serving on the committee to submit letters of interest to the township manager. Following Board interviews of perspective members, the seven-member Open Space Committee was formally convened in October 2021.
The Open Space Committee is responsible for the promotion of open space acquisition through outright purchase or through conservation easement. The Committee also seeks out grant opportunities, especially those that can best leverage township funding. Following review of open space proposals, the Committee then provides recommendations on open space opportunities to the Board of Supervisors for approval.
To gain insight and feedback as to open space priorities for township residents, the Committee invited the public to an informational session at the Lower Frederick Firehouse in March 2022. As a result of the well-attended event and subsequent public input, the Committee developed a weighted criteria list that it can utilize when reviewing open space criteria. To see these criteria, click here.
Lower Frederick Township remains blessed with significant open space in both farmland and forested areas. The township also possesses ecologically important features- such as the Swamp and Perkiomen Creeks, wetland areas, and unique diabase landscape. In order to assure open space for future generations, the township must take steps to conserve land while protecting the interests of those landowners who avail themselves of the open space program.

Committee Members
Michael Malchitsky – Chair
Vicki Sylvester – Vice Chair
Andrew Lang- Recording Secretary
Matthew Davidson
Jason Koscho
Warren Jacobs
Phil Smith



OPEN SPACE CRITERIA w/Evaluation Score Sheet


TOWNSHIP OPEN SPACE PLAN: Adopted in 2006: Updated in 2015

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