Permits and Forms

It can take 15 business days to process a permit so schedule your construction with that in mind. Submitting all requested information with the original application helps ensure the quickest processing of your permit.

Please Note…..

**  Addition of impervious surface (such as driveway, pool deck, or parking area of any material) over  1,000 sq ft  including a building footprint of 1,000 sq ft or greater,  requires an Engineered Stormwater Plan and a Grading Permit.

**  Any earth disturbance over 5,000 sq ft requires a Stormwater Plan, a Grading Permit and an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan.

**  Any earth disturbance over 1 acre requires all of the above and the approval of PA DEP.

The State of Pennsylvania has adopted the 2018 ICC Code effective February 14, 2022. All applications received after February 14, 2022 are governed by the 2018 ICC Codes unless documentation is provided in the form of a signed contract dated prior to February 14, 2022. If documentation is provided the application will be reviewed under the previously adopted 2015 ICC Code. Any application submitted after August 14, 2022 will automatically be reviewed under the 2018 ICC Code. Please click HERE to review the posting from the PA L and I website regarding this code change.
Fee Schedule