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Current News & Notices

Notice:  Chip Sealing of Township Roads
scheduled to begin late June – early July.
Click HERE  for a list and map of roads to be completed.  

 The Lower Frederick Township Police Department is
attempting to locate the owners of the following items:

  • On 5/14/18 a hot pink IPOD with a black & hot pink case  and small handbag
    (white with donuts) was found at Coble Park.  “RILEY JO” is etched into the back of the IPOD.  
  • During the week of May 7th a mountain bike was located in Foy Park.  The make of the bike is “Next” and the model is “Gauntlet.”

The owners of these items should contact the police department at 610-287-4434 within 30 days of this posting .  A receipt, photograph, or proof of ownership will be required to claim these items. 

5/9/18: Sewer Plant Update:  Two silencers were recently installed, one on each main blower intake for the small blowers that has the original silencer on it for that system.  This blower was well below the noise requirements when checked readings a few weeks ago.


5/3/18: Letters of Interest are currently being accepted by Lower Frederick Township to fill a vacant position on the Board of Supervisors.   Interested residents are encouraged to submit their letters to the Lower Frederick Township Manager, Kevin R. Tobias, 53 Spring Mount Road, Schwenksville, PA. 19473.  Letters are due to the Township Office by Friday, May 18, 2018 at 4:30 PM.  No e-mails or phone calls will be accepted, only letters will be accepted.  Those applicants granted interviews will receive by mail times and dates of scheduled interviews. All applicants must have lived in the Township of Lower Frederick for at least the past one year (365 days).  The vacancy being filled will be from the date of appointment to January 6, 2020.

5/1/18: Sewer Plant Update:  Sound testing has been completed and calculations, and the blower manufacturer has recommended an additional silencer that they expect to reduce the noise output of the blower intake. 

Since it is happening on the larger blowers, noise is traveling much farther, and that run of pipe is vibrating, therefore a lower frequency range needs to be addressed.  This may best be done by a baffled only silencer and a higher grade attenuation.  Combining the low frequency silencer and the high frequency filter/silencer will help cut outfrequencies and attenuate the noise.   The attenuation will help; however,getting rid of that lower frequency will also help the noise not travel as far. 

After discussions with the design engineer, Gannett Fleming, final delivery of the larger silencer will take place on Monday, May 7th with immediate installation to take place.

The Spotted Lantern Fly is in Lower Frederick


The Spotted Lantern Fly, Lycorma delicatula (White), an invasive planthopper, was first discovered in Berks county, PA, and has now spread to many other counties, including Montgomery.  It is native to China, India, Vietnam, and introduced to Korea where it has become a major pest.  This insect attacks many hosts including grapes, apples, stone fruits, thin-barked trees and Tree of Heaven, and has the potential to greatly impact the grape, fruit tree and logging industries.   To learn more, please consult the    Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture website.

Sewer Treatment Plant Update, 3/23/18

NOTICE regarding POTHOLES:  While we use preventive maintenance to avoid severe pothole problems, potholes usually develop in older pavements as water in cracks in the pavement expands and contracts as it freezes and thaws. Heavy traffic also causes fatigue in pavement weakened by age and frost action.  We welcome calls from residents to report situations in their neighborhood or on their traffic routes. If you notice a pothole on our Township roads, please report it right away by calling the Township Office at 610-287-8857.  Thank you….